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All About Mediterranean Keto Me Fit I started this website about Mediterranean Keto to help other people who have struggled with weight loss, like me. Thyroid health conditions and early peri-menopause made it easy for me to gain weight. I had sugar addiction and inflammation.

So, I quit sugar, I quit overly processed foods, and got rid of my cravings for good. I regained control of my health. I lost nearly 5 stone in 8 months while eating the food I love. No more inflammation, no more aches & pains, no more stiff joints, more energy, better mood, and better sleep patterns.

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A little history about me:

About Mediterranean Keto Me Fit

I’ve spent the last 20 years (inadvertently) counting carbs and learning about all things related to carbohydrates, your blood sugars, and insulin levels. Why? One reason is, that I raised my (now grown up) Type 1 Diabetic daughter on a low-sugar & carb-controlled WOE (way of eating).

It was only when MY weight became an issue, that I realised that keto & low carb can help me to lose weight by following the same principles. It took a while! Since my weight was never an issue before, I didn’t connect the dots… I had a few years of major health issues until I put the two things together… That’s when I started to learn more about Mediterranean keto…

Most Recent Developments with Me:

In 2020 (oh yes, the ‘dark’ era) I had an opportunity. At least, that’s how I chose to look at the utterly horrible situation we were all in. I made a decision, heavily influenced by “my other half”. He encouraged me to learn new skills and do something completely out of my comfort zone.

First off, I started to learn how to build websites. I have always enjoyed this type of thing. And then he got me into social media, something I was always a bit reserved about. He encouraged me to start sharing my food photos and recipes that I was using at home as part of my keto lifestyle. That’s when the idea for a website about mediterranean keto was developed. I was already heavily involved with online groups helping other people with keto, but I didn’t really share my experiences outside of my groups.

Sharing my journey was something I started to really enjoy, and I wanted to develop it further. While we were stuck at home, I undertook several online courses. Amongst developing some new skills, I became a CPD Certified Nutritionist and a Certified Weight-loss Practitioner. Since then, I have helped hundreds of people transition to a keto or low-carb lifestyle and meet their weight loss goals.

Prior to this, I had already been helping people for years with keto and low carb diets, because it’s something I have always enjoyed. Sharing my own experiences and knowledge, I was helping lots of people to start a keto lifestyle. And successfully lose weight. With the exception of my E-book, I do all of this free of charge. I’m not a “coach” and I don’t do 1-2-1 coaching.

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Mediterranean Keto

As well as studying Nutrition, I was also studying topics like Vitamins & Minerals, Health & Nutrition, Weight Management, and a variety of Food & Health related topics. I read a LOT of books. That does NOT make me a medical or health professional in any way. I’ll leave that to the doctors. But it does give me a vast amount of knowledge and understanding about my own body and how to lose weight effectively & sustainably.

At the same time, I was also learning how to build websites, and create social media profiles & pages on various platforms. This was just a little side gig that I was interested in developing. It ultimately led me to a new career. Now I work online, remotely from home (or anywhere I choose to be). Proof that you’re never too old to make some big changes! Or lose weight!

Thyroid Health:

Many years ago… My weight became a problem for the first time in my life when I hit 40. This is not uncommon for people with any thyroid conditions. Putting on weight, was really hard to fix with the “conventional” advice to eat less/move more. Same for low fat diets (which I now know are quite unhealthy). That did not work for me. I did not get the results some people can achieve. Multiple changes in medications and doses, went on for several years…

Life became increasingly difficult, leading to bouts of depression and a debilitating lack of energy. I would lose a little weight, gain more back, then lose a little, and gain more back. What did my doctor say? “Try Slimming World”… As if I hadn’t been down those roads several times. I knew I had to find out what I could do to lose weight, something that would work and help heal my metabolism! I was missing out on being a healthy mum, an active person, and it was putting a strain on all my relationships.

I started to research my thyroid condition myself. Rather than depending on the information being dished out by doctors. Embracing my existing knowledge of carbohydrate-controlled eating and insulin levels, I started to research my thyroid disease and hormones. The results? It all led me back to keto and low-carb foods. There was the lightbulb moment for me. I realised keto is NOT just another fad diet. It has been around for more than 100 years! This was something that I really had to try.

So my low-carb life became even lower in carbs, but this time, with the right kind of carbs.

I used keto to lose weight and maintained it for 5 years with a keto & low-carb lifestyle. Now I eat a typically Mediterranean diet which is naturally low carb anyway.

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Keto Diet:

Following a keto diet also improved my overall general health (including getting rid of peri-menopausal symptoms).

Originally from Scotland, I now live and work from our new home in Spain! My favourite WOE is now a Mediterranean style low-carb diet.

About Mediterranean Keto

It’s all about maintaining my ideal weight, enjoying food, and living life to the fullest.

I have written a few blogs over the years, which are full of information about living a ketogenic lifestyle. You’ll find them all here.

Thanks for reading! I have found so much support in the keto community over the years and made many new friends through it as well. I’m genuinely grateful for that and I always appreciate anyone who takes the time to connect with me.

Disclaimer: Anything I say should not be construed as medical advice. Always talk to your own health professional before you make any changes to your diet.

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