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Keto Me Fit – The Mediterranean Approach, A New Healthy Balance

Healthy Mediterranean Keto Recipes – What You Get

After years of research, writing blogs & posts, and running several social media platforms, I have put all my knowledge and experience together, in one e-book.​

This is your ultimate guide to Mediterranean keto and low-carb lifestyles with the easy and flexible meals I ate to lose almost 5 stone in 8 months. ​

keto me fit the mediterranean keto approach a new healthy balance healthy mediterranean keto recipes

21 Days of My favourite Healthy Mediterranean Keto Recipes, PLUS the shopping lists, macros, and more.

Keto Me Fit – The Mediterranean Approach, A New Healthy Balance

A complete e-book containing everything you need to get started and understand your new lifestyle. Making it manageable and easy to maintain. 

The ultimate guide to Mediterranean Keto & Low Carb with your 21-Day Flexible Meal Plan. An easy-to-follow explanation of Healthy Mediterranean Keto Recipes, the lifestyle, and how to get started, without the jargon!

Healthy Mediterranean Keto Recipes keto me fit the mediterranean diet approach a new healthy balance

Easy Meals


21 days of meals, all based on your favourite keto and low-carb foods from UK & European supermarkets, like Sainsbury’s, Asda, Aldi, Morrison’s, Lidl, Consum, Mercadona, Carrefour, Tesco, Co-Op, and Waitrose.

Making it Simple


Included are the macros for most foods & ingredients on the shopping lists, plus some recipes.
Counting your carbs has never been easier!
Easy-to-follow guides & all your questions answered.

Exclusive Bonus Guides


A comprehensive Mediterranean keto & low carb shopping list.
BONUS chapters:
7-Day Booster Plan for Optimal Weight Loss AND Meal Prepping for Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals.

Healthy Mediterranean Keto Recipes

I created this easy-to-follow guide to living a successful Mediterranean keto and low-carb lifestyle, without the jargon!

Learn about keto and low-carb ingredients. Learn about macros and how to use them to lose weight. Discover what makes a complete keto or low-carb meal.

This has been exclusively developed with products from UK and European supermarkets in mind.

No fancy ingredients from expensive online stores or health food shops. No fancy kitchen gadgets are needed either! (A set of kitchen scales will be useful!)

keto me fit the mediterranean approah a new healthy balance healthy mediterranean keto recipes

Is This You?

  • You have been a “yo-yo dieter” in the past
  • You are fed up with shakes and powders
  • You don’t get the results you want following low-calorie/low-fat diets
  • You get bored eating ready meals which lack proper nutritional value
  • You lost weight in the past but piled it back on
  • You want to keep enjoying your favourite foods, drinks & alcohol
  • You don’t want to count calories forever
  • You have limited mobility or find exercise hard to fit into your lifestyle
  • You want to improve your overall health and boost your mental health & well-being

This is the book you need to make the switch and start enjoying Healthy Mediterranean Keto Recipes for optimal weight loss and maintenance.

Healthy Mediterranean Keto Recipes

Everything You Need to Get Started on Your New Lifestyle is in This Book – For a One-Off Payment of Only £6.99

Forget the monthly subscriptions and expensive coaches!

Everything you need is right here, in your e-book.

Healthy Mediterranean Keto Recipes

All the information you need, without the jargon – Only £6.99

“Simple Changes – Real Results”©

Your E-Book includes…

  • All the food I ate to lose 5 stone in weight & drop 4 dress sizes, in 8 months.
  • Ultimate Starter Guide – All Your Questions About Keto Answered
  • Everyday food from your local supermarket.
  • Easy to follow, completely flexible – Just real food & simple recipes.
  • Macros included – Easy to count carbs.
  • 21 Days of food ideas to get you started, lose weight, and help you maintain.
  • Learn what type of food to eat so you can take control.
  • Comes complete with all the LOW CARB FRUIT & VEG with NET CARB VALUES!

  • BONUS chapter: The 7-Day Booster Plan for Optimal Weight Loss Success
  • BONUS chapter: Meal Prepping Tips for Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

Keto Me Fit – The Mediterranean Approach, A New Healthy Balance Copyright © 2019 – 2024 KJ Hutchison

Healthy Mediterranean Keto Recipes