Keto & Low Carb Shopping List

What can you eat on keto and low carb diets?

Our free keto and low carb shopping list for the UK & European supermarkets tells you about all the delicious foods you will enjoy on your keto or low carb diet.

What are the “must have” items and is there much to choose from? We have complied a fantastic keto and low carb UK shopping list which includes our “must haves” and everything else to go with them!

We also provide our full comprehensive list when you purchase your Keto Guide & Flexible Meal Plan, or when you join a local group. We didn't focus on the foods and ingredients only available online. Or the super expensive specialist ingredients. Just real, whole every day foods that we eat and enjoy!

What Should be on my Keto or Low Carb Shopping List?

Isn’t it just bacon and eggs on a keto and low carb shopping list?

No more getting bored with your food either. A keto diet is not as restrictive as you might think. We can enjoy an abundance of various foods and drinks with so much to choose from. In fact, the choice is so vast, it’s impossible to fit it all into just one list! Keto and low carb might remove certain things from your shopping basket, BUT you are left with EVERYTHING else. How big is your supermarket!? Take your shopping list with you, every time you do a keto or low carb shop!

New to keto or low carb?

Simple balanced foods

Whether you are brand new to keto, or are already following a low carb lifestyle, this shopping list can help you expand your palate. You might want to get started with your very first keto or low carb shop in the UK or Europe. Or you might want to experiment with some new foods and expand your selection of keto friendly foods and low carb drinks. Either way, this is the shopping list you can take to your supermarket and find it all.

What else you can eat?

GUIDELINES & The basics

Lots of people start a keto or low carb diet in the UK and find that they are eating bacon and eggs or avocado and chicken every single day. And that’s great if that’s what you are happy with. But we see people get bored with their food after a few weeks. When we started out, we ate bacon so often it almost became a chore! But, once our keto shopping list started to expand (while our waist lines shrunk) we found a whole new appreciation for cooking and experimenting with food. And we got excited about food again! People get bored eating the same things over and over. And that’s one reason some people can give up on keto or low carb diets far too soon.

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Don't get bored with food!

see the variety

Without a bit of experienced guidance to show you what foods are good for keto and low carb, you might give up too soon as well. Or, by not realising how varied your diet could be, you might get fed up. Our UK & European focused supermarket shopping list is the handiest tool you can download. And it’s FREE. It is just one of many downloadable handy tools that we have created to try to help you make keto and low carb easy to follow and easy to understand. Don’t over-complicate it with all the nightmare keto jargon and American rules.

A great reference tool for all keto foods available in the UK

You will be able to use our keto and low carb shopping list again and again, for nearly every food shop you do. And it is great to refer to if you are unsure whether a food product is suitable for keto or not. We all have days like that – can I eat this? Is this keto friendly? Is that low carb? You can download it and keep it on your phone, or you can print it off and pin it to your fridge (make sure the family knows what you can and can’t eat!).

Fully Flexible

Which sweeteners are OK for keto? Can I eat chocolate on Low Carb?!

These are the BIG questions! By using our keto and low carb shopping list, you will see what is good to buy and what to avoid. We also help to explain everything you need to know about sweeteners in our blog, What Sweeteners are Keto Friendly?

Make your keto and low carb life easier and your eating experience more varied! Keep keto and low carb living interesting! And get to know the real foods that you can actually buy in your local supermarkets. No more trying to find American products online and paying over the odds for things you don’t even need! Make keto and low carb work for you, make it simple, and make it tasty!

Coming soon: our exclusive membership site, a library of tools to make your keto & low carb life easier! Watch this space!

Is This You?

If you have been a "yo-yo dieter" in the past

Are you fed up of shakes and powders

Do you want to eat real, whole, healthy foods

Did you find the usual low cal/low fat diets too restrictive

You get bored eating the same bland tasteless ready meals

You lost weight in the past, but piled it back on. Again!

You want to keep enjoying your favourite foods, drinks & alcohol

You don’t want to count calories

If you have limited mobility or find exercise hard to fit in to your lifestyle

You genuinely want to lose your excess body fat and keep that weight off for life

Improving your over all health and your good mental health & well-being is important to you

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