April 7, 2021

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What Can I Eat on a Keto Diet UK

If you aren’t sure what to put on your keto shopping list, especially in the UK, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised. It’s not as restrictive as it can seem. With our free to download keto and low carb shopping list you will find out about all the delicious foods you will enjoy on your keto diet. And it has been created to suit shopping in the UK and European supermarkets. 

We tell you about all the various meats, the best low carb vegetables, eggs, all sorts of cheeses, and poultry. We help you to discover what’s good for keto, and what you should avoid. 

There really is a whole lot of variety when you are on keto. And even if you don’t really like fatty cuts of meat, you don’t need to use them! One of the common misconceptions about what you can eat on keto is people think they have got to pick the fattiest cut of meat every time. And that’s just not true. There are lots of healthy sources of fat available on your supermarket shelves. So don’t forget about delicious whole butter, cream, and extra virgin olive oil. You can cook with lard too. Adding olives to your low carb salad is another great way to consume good healthy fats on keto. I bet any previous diet you’ve tried has told you not to eat olives! Am I right?

What Should be on my Keto Shopping List

keto shopping list UK

So, what are the “must have” items and is there much to choose from? Real, whole food, and even some processed meats and fish are all excellent for keto. Ideally, you want to choose a good healthy fat source, a protein, and some low carb vegetables to make a good balanced keto meal.

Healthy fats can come from your oils and butters you cook with, animal fats from meats or dairy products, and also from nuts and seeds.

Your protein will come from animal meats, poultry, game, eggs and dairy as well as your plant-based protein in things like broccoli.

When it comes to vegetables, you do need to eliminate the obvious high carb veg. So potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips, things like that are out.

But, all your delicious and highly nutritious leafy greens like spinach, kale, lettuces are in. As well as mushrooms (super low carb!), radish, peppers, cucumber, herbs, even tomatoes are fine on keto. Tomatoes are usually lower in carbs than some berries! And nearly every keto site will tell you berries are OK, but tomatoes are bad? We have the real info and we have a comprehensive list of low carb vegetables, which includes the net carb content for them.

Protein, fats, and carbs.

The full comprehensive list comes completely free with your Keto Guide & Flexible Meal Plan.  And it was compiled with the UK keto market in mind. We didn’t focus on the foods and ingredients only available online. Or the super expensive specialist ingredients. Just real, whole every day foods that we eat and enjoy. And not a calorie restricted meal in sight!

You might want to start using specialist keto ingredients or foods to help you on your keto journey. And for those, we always turn to online shops like Amazon to find out keto goodies. Some keto bakes use things like Erythritol (NKD Living Erythritol, 3 pack value deal) and you might want to consider adding MCT Oil (Qetomax C8 MCT Oil (Zero Palm Oil) which can help to boost your ketone levels.

Which Stores Sell Keto Products

A big misconception about a keto diet is that you have go to specialist shops or go online to keto stores to buy your food. It’s just not true. Everything you really need to get started on keto can be found in your local supermarkets and convenience stores. Your local butcher and farm shops are great sources too. All you really need is the real, whole foods that we spoke about earlier. Aldi and Lidl are fantastic for sourcing your meats, fish, dairy and veg. They often stock things like coconut flour as well. So it is good to shop around and see what’s in stock. Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrison’s and Asda all stock everything you can possibly need, so start browsing the chillers and veg, as well as the other shelves for supermarket bargains. B&M and TK Maxx are also good places to look for food products. You often find things not available anywhere else like sugar free syrups which can be used in coffee and for baking, or sugar free sauces. Just don’t forget to read our blog about keto friendly sweeteners before you buy anything! Read it here ketomefit.co.uk/what-sweeteners-are-keto-friendly/

Meal Planning and Keto Shopping List UK

When you are new to keto, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by all the information. It can take a little bit of reading and research before you fully understand how it all works. It might feel like there are too many rules on keto. But once you scrape it back to basics, you will see it’s not that complicated.

That’s why we put together our comprehensive keto shopping list for the UK. We want to make it easier for everyday people who want to improve their health, start keto. So we put this list together that you can use time and time again. Every time you shop. And it is a full and detailed list so you can see all the variety of foods, ingredients, and drinks you can enjoy on a keto diet. In fact, we like to say keto lifestyle. Because you won’t feel like you are on a diet and keto can be enjoyed long term. Not like any diets out there.

Keto Shopping & Meals – Getting It Right

Getting your shopping list right is one thing. Learning how to put together your keto meals in a good balanced way is another. So to help you really understand it all and get the most out of your keto lifestyle we put together a meal plan for you.  One that we followed and lost weight with. We have included the full shopping list as an added bonus. And we added a comprehensive list of low carb vegetables to help you put low carb salads and cooked side dishes together. You will also get the carb content for the lists as well so counting carbs has never been easier.

Our plan can help you see what a balanced high fat meal looks like. And it might not be how you imagine it! Having a meal plan is great but knowing where to go next matters too. That’s why we wanted to add in the full shopping list for keto in the UK. It will help you to meal plan and figure out if you can adapt a recipe to make it keto. If you’re not much of a cook, or are limited with your time, there are options for meal prepping and convenience foods! Our quick start keto guide answers all the burning questions and when you download your copy, you have it to keep and refer to. Working alongside our website, you will have everything need to be successful with keto.

So our all-inclusive Keto Guide and Flexible Meal Plan gives you access to everything you need to get started. And because we have concentrated on the foods available in your own local supermarket, it’s the plan for the UK that makes things simple and easy to get started.

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