Simple Changes =
Real Results

This is the start of your keto journey to better health. Your Keto UK Meal Plan with Keto Guide is available now!

What You Get

No ordinary "meal plan" - This is your ultimate guide to keto, how to keto, and flexible meal plan with recipes, shopping lists, macros, and more. A complete e-book with all you need, all in one place.

The Keto Guide & Easy Flexible Meal Plan

THIS is your easy to follow guide to your successful keto lifestyle. Learn about keto ingredients and what makes a complete keto meal. All exclusively developed with the UK and European supermarkets in mind.

Easy Keto Meals

Simple balanced foods

Our keto meal plan is different from all the others simply because it is based on all your favourite keto foods that are available to buy in all the UK supermarkets, like Sainsbury’s, Asda, Aldi, Morrison’s, Lidl, Tesco, Co-Op, and Waitrose.

The Benefits of Our Plan

macro Guide Included

PLUS, we have included the macros for your meal plan shopping lists!
Starting your keto diet today could not be easier!
Counting carbs has never been so simple!

Exclusive Offers

included as standard

Getting into ketosis has never been easier!
Burning fat while eating healthy whole foods!
Full, comprehensive Keto shopping list is included as a FREE BONUS. All the LOW CARB veg listed with carb values!

Our Keto UK Meal Plan is designed to introduce you to the types of low carb high fat meals which are ideal for everyday life.
Keto friendly meals that are easy to put together.

With the carbs kept low to get you into ketosis, quickly. What is ketosis? It’s fat burning mode! And that’s the goal!

You will use ingredients that you are familiar with and like. No fancy ingredients from expensive online stores or health food shops. No fancy kitchen gadgets needed either! (A set of kitchen scales will be useful - These help you learn about portion sizes!)


Easily adapt the meals for the rest of the household, if you are cooking for others who are not following your new way of eating. Our Flexible Meal Plan is designed to get you started quickly & easily.

UK food, simple meals, to quickly switch on your fat burning mode! Simple Changes = Real Results

Ultimate Keto Guide, with Hints, Tips, and more! All included in your exclusive e-book.

UK Focused Shopping Lists & Recipes

All of the food and ingredients are available in UK supermarkets
+ MACROS with your meal plan shopping lists!

Thyroid and keto for weight loss

Our Flexible Meal Plan does not use expensive, exotic ingredients.
You do NOT need to be a gourmet chef either. It is designed to allow you flexibility and freedom to mix and match your favourite dishes, and fit them into your schedule. The number one reason people give up on meal plans is because they are restricted to eating specific meals at specific meal times. 

Our keto UK meal plan is different. The meals can be swapped around, you can choose what you want to eat on any given day, depending on your own appetite. We teach you about food so you can choose what you want eat, and make better, healthier choices, for life.

WITH the ultimate extensive keto shopping list created for the UK supermarkets. All the products, food and drinks suitable for a keto way of eating! Count your carbs the EASY way. No complicated apps required! No stress over finding the right information online.

Your Ebook Includes:

Daily Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner, PLUS 2 snack options
Weekly Shopping Lists
Macros for your shopping lists (we did this for you!)
Easy, quick, simple recipes with hints & tips
All meal plans are a onetime payment, no meal plan subscription required
Your easy to follow keto guide is included with your flexible meal plan
FREE exclusive list with NET CARB values of all your keto friendly fruit & veg
AND the ultimate, extensive keto shopping list - ALL the products, foods, drinks (including alcohol) and ingredients suitable for keto.

"What if I'm not a great cook?!!"

Easily adaptable keto recipes that you can adjust to suit your taste buds and your personal macros. Using our Keto UK & European Shopping List you can easily switch out ingredients you don’t like, for something you do.

You do not need to be a whizz in the kitchen, these are all simple, every day keto meals to help you transition to keto fast!

Get your keto guide and flexible meal plan TODAY and see what’s possible. Learn about the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Learn which foods to avoid. See which keto foods to enjoy!

Is This You?

If you have been a "yo-yo dieter" in the past

Are you fed up of shakes and powders

Do you want to eat real, whole, healthy foods

Did you find the usual low cal/low fat diets too restrictive

You get bored eating the same bland tasteless ready meals

You lost weight in the past, but piled it back on. Again!

You want to keep enjoying your favourite foods, drinks & alcohol

You don’t want to count calories

If you have limited mobility or find exercise hard to fit in to your lifestyle

You genuinely want to lose your excess body fat and keep that weight off for life

Improving your over all health and your good mental health & well-being is important to you


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