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Mediterranean Keto and Low Carb in the UK and Europe

Healthy body goals met through a Mediterranean keto and low carb lifestyle.

Mediterranean keto diet ketomefit.co.uk

I’m sure you have been looking at a lot of keto and low carb recipe websites and blogs. And recently, Mediterranean keto is gaining popularity. Let’s face it, there are thousands of blogs. Doing some research about keto and low carb in the UK and trying to navigate your way around all the American keto blogs and websites can be hard work!

There is so much conflicting, information out there about keto and low carb diets, and even more so about Mediterranean Keto and Low Carb in the UK. A lot of it does come from the USA, which is great, but, it is geared towards the American markets. And it’s rarely any good for our favourite UK and European supermarkets.

Looking for UK keto advice

Finding information about keto and low carb in the UK can be hard! Want a meal plan? American. Want a shopping list? American. I started to lose the will, and my motivation was running low.

I know it can be frustrating to see all these keto and low carb products that are available, only to realise they can’t be bought in the UK or Europe. That’s why I put together the Mediterranean keto shopping list for UK supermarkets for you. I want to make transitioning into your new keto or low carb lifestyle as easy as possible.

I want to tell you a little bit about me and KetoMeFit.co.uk and how I do things. There are so many keto and low carb “experts” or keto “coaches” out there ready to tell how you how you’re doing it wrong, or they want to overcomplicate the whole thing for you. Believe me when I say I had to find my way through it all too, so I could get started on my own Mediterranean Keto and Low Carb in the UK journey. That was long tome ago now!

Mediterranean Keto and Low Carb in the UK

It wasn’t easy, and that’s why my dream of bringing a UK and EU focused keto blog to you was born. I really want to show you the easy, direct route to weight loss and good health. By keeping my keto guides and low carb info simple, concise, and to the point. With no ad’s and no pop-ups.

what can i eat on a mediterranean keto diet ketomefit.co.uk

What do I know about keto and low carb?

I have spent more than 20 years counting carbs, choosing low carb ingredients and reading food labels. That means my understanding about shopping for keto and low carb foods in the UK is pretty much second to none. And that’s one of the most important skills I can pass on to you; how to read your food labels and how to choose suitable low carb keto friendly foods. I have spent several years sifting through the various keto sites and blogs, doing in depth research, and continually learning to bring my collective knowledge together, to help you!

“If keto isn’t working for you, you’re not doing it right”

That’s not something you will ever here from me! It’s simply not what I believe to be true. There is NO right or wrong way! The truth is they want you to eat what they eat, and do things the way they do things. They just don’t want to take the time to get to know you or hear the things that you need guidance with the most. So they say that because they don’t know how to help you.

They don’t care about your lifestyle. Or how busy you are, or if you have a family, a career, or underlying health issues. Or anything else that MATTERS TO YOU WHEN YOU TRY TO MAKE HEALTHIER CHOICES.

Mediterranean Keto and Low Carb in the UK

I want to support you and guide you throughout your keto and low carb journey. Helping you to SUCCEED and hit your GOALS is my goal! If my knowledge and experiences help you to live the keto and low carb life that I love so much, then that’s great!

And I can show how you could reach your health and weight loss goals, simply by changing some of the food on your plate – NOT all of it! Just SOME OF IT! And how to keep that going long term without getting bored i can show how to take a break from it, and restart effectively. And how to plan days off from your lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle, not a life sentence!

How can I help you on your keto and low carb journey?

I have been helping people understand how to start keto and low carb high fat diets for a long time. AND I can show you how to maintain the switch for life, without missing out on your favourite indulgences. AND I have gone through the process myself so I have been where you are today! I have gone through the good, the bad, and the ugly 😉. And I have seen the results, first-hand.

Keto and low carbs diets are great. AND really simple. It is not as complicated as you think. Here are 2 simple things to start with:

No. 1: Avoid sugar and refined, starchy carbohydrates.  You should even avoid pre-packed foods marketed as “low carb” or “sugar free” and even “keto”.

This is one of those things that many “experts” either don’t know enough about (so they just dismiss them altogether) or they just forget to tell you. But it’s incredibly important. Some of those products might kick you out of ketosis. I can show you which to avoid, and which to enjoy without worry.

You CAN lose body fat and become HEALTHIER while eating foods like chocolate keto brownies, drinking diet sodas, and enjoying the occasional tipple. I can show you which “sugar free” foods and drinks, really are just that – OK for keto or low carb and genuinely carb free. I want this to be fun just as much as you do!

No. 2: Keep it Quick, Simple, and Easy. You Can’t Pretend That You Will Have More Time to Cook, or More Willpower Than You Already Do!

This sounds obvious. Everyone wants to make their life simpler, and easier, yes?

Here’s the issue: You get all motivated and excited then you start to plan all these gourmet meals. You even promise to go to the gym every day, and to never, ever, ever eat another bar of chocolate.

Now, those are worthy goals indeed and hats off to anyone who can stick to it! But let’s be real for a moment. We are real people, living in the real world! It’s almost impossible to stick to those goals for any length of time, or make that a permanent lifestyle change.

You might have to work late, your children might need to be off school or nursery, or you could just be a bit tired and irritable one day. In other words, LIFE HAPPENS! You can take a break from your food lifestyle and get back onto it without undoing any of your hard work! You can preserve your good health and wellbeing even if you have an “off” day!

Taking time out or having a holiday from this way of eating doesn’t mean you cheated, or failed. It means you’re human! And life is for living. Never beat yourself up over your food choices, or feel like you failed if have something off plan. It’s not the end of the world!

Instead of relying on your willpower alone, I can show you how to maintain your new keto way of eating in a realistic and practical way. By telling you about my favourite keto sweet treats and bakes, for instance. You DON’T need to be a baker or culinary genius in the kitchen to do it either! A few basic ingredients (99% come from your UK supermarkets with a few from trustworthy sites like Amazon) and just little prep and planning. No major life changes. And no need to over complicate it all. Plus you do not need to turn your routine upside down just to accommodate a new way of eating.

mediterranean keto and low carb diet ketomefit.co.uk

What else can I do to help you on your keto journey?

I have the know-how for those times when a “day off” is required. It’s not cheating! I hate that term! I can show how to do it, when you can do it, and how to get back on track in no time at all. It is, after all, a lifestyle change. Let’s make it sustainable and enjoyable. And NOT a chore or a restrictive way of eating. A real lifestyle change, for real people, living in the real world!

Top 10 Mistakes People Make on Keto

Is keto and low carb this simple to do?


But you should have a PLAN for it to be quick, simple, and easy. And you have got to know HOW to start properly. With the RIGHT foods. You want to get into ketosis easily and quickly.

Do you have your free Mediterranean keto UK shopping list? Now you can buy your copy of my new Mediterranean Keto E-book. As an added bonus you will also get the macros with your shopping lists and much, much more! I did the hard work FOR YOU!

Simple Changes = Real Results.

Please check out my blogs, for example the 15 Benefits of a Keto Diet for even more info about how this lifestyle can change YOUR life.

Mediterranean Keto and Low Carb in the UK

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