Keto For Beginners

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About this course

Learn what it means to follow a ketogenic diet. Get the basics and understand which foods you can enjoy. 

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Course Structure

3 Lessons

Keto - Getting Started

All about keto and how to get started quickly. 

What is Keto?

Understanding a keto diet and how to get started.

How to Set Goals

How to set your goals to help you achieve them, and stick to your plan. 

How to Read Food Labels

Understanding food labels and how to count the carbs.

6 Lessons

Keto - Understanding the food

Learn about the different types of food and macronutrients. 

What are macronutrients?

Understand where carbs, proteins, and fats come from. 

Keto and Alcohol

Keto is not a restrictive diet like all the others. It is a lifestyle and you can still enjoy a few drinks. Just like your food, pick the keto friendly drinks. 

Food sources of Electrolytes & Essential Minerals

You can obtain your electrolytes from a varied diet. Learn where to find them. 

The Importance of Water

How important is it to drink water and do you really need to drink 3 litres a day?

Blank Meal Planner

A weekly meal planner. Planning ahead and prepping is key to success. 

Blank Shopping List

Create your own shopping list using the guide. 

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